100 things to do before 30.

Ahh your 20s, there suppose to be a time of laughter, mistakes and the ‘beginning of your life’. I’m 19 so I’m yet to experience my 20s but if it goes anything like my teens have I’m already opting out. I have lived a very safe life (seriously if I was a colour i’d be beige) I want to get to the ripe old age of 30 and have lived, loved and laughed. As I’m a capricorn the only thing that made sense to me was to make a list, so here goes nothing.

  1. Travel: The most cliche one first guys. I want to see the world both alone and with my bestie by my side. Paris, Italy, Spain, India, Budapest, Amsterdam are just a few of the places I want to go. travel
  2. Take Pictures on my travels: It wold be rude for my Number 1 thing to be so cliche and not act like a total tourist while I do it. travel.jpg
  3. Take a Drawing class: My evil art teacher made me fall out of love with drawing but I want to fall back in. art supplies.jpg
  4. Study at University: I still have no idea what I want to do with my life and I might never have a clue. So why wait I figure if I study something I love maybe that love can turn into a career and who says in 40 years time I can’t change my mind completely and become a rocket scientist?        books-tumblr
  5. Create my own animation: I love media and I love Disney even more, coming up with an idea and creating it would be amazing even if it was only 5 seconds long.tumblr_ml2ywyk3GG1raqwsqo1_1280.jpg
  6. Keep taking photos: You can tell from my blog I love photography and want to continue to snap pictures whenever I can. 2_small.png
  7. Learn to drive: This is no big deal for most people and people my age have usually passed but I have never wanted to drive (I was born to have a chauffeur) since there isn’t one coming any time soon I really need to do this one. b4f898504c22596eb78f0c357be2ace4.jpg
  8. Learn to play and instrument: Even if its one song I have always wanted to be able to play the piano/guitar. (I could play jingle bells on the trumpet at primary school but I don’t think that really counts). tumblr_manvr4Jch11ql9k0uo1_500.jpg
  9. Visit an art museum: You know when you see those amazing pictures on Tumblr of art museums, I want to be that person posting those pictures. tumblr_npsts62jTo1u6osmfo1_500
  10. Star Gaze: Another cliche one. tumblr_nbvrlcbr0q1tc78oko4_1280
  11. Go to a vineyard: I basically just love wine. 4866d2c5213d585d5d8143dbdbe78a43.jpg
  12. Go Pumpkin Picking: Those who know me know I love Halloween (Like more than Christmas) so this one is a must. tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640.jpg
  13. Go strawberry Picking: Basically the same a pumpkin picking but with strawberries.tumblr_n8mkgyw0RZ1r3m0bvo1_1280.jpg
  14. Donate blood: I always say I am going to donate blood but never have. BloodDonation.jpg
  15. Sign up to be an organ donor: Its something non of us want to think about but I could die tomorrow and if so my organs are of no use to me anymore but life changing to somebody else.         tumblr_n8jw8b4lN11sj2wy0o1_500.png
  16.  Live abroad for a minimum of 3 months:  I  am 100% a home girl, I love my family and my house but I would also love to see if I could live in a completely different place.                            tumblr_inline_mysbmjclHK1rt0pn8.jpg
  17. Publish something: I don’t need to be paid for it but having one of my photos or a story I wrote featured in a magazine or on a website seems pretty cool. tumblr_static_81kiply24twco4wssskgcsccs.jpg
  18. Learn the dance to ‘cruisin for a bruisin’: This one is a shout out to Gracie K who knows the whole dance.  teen-beach-movie-ross-lynch-cruisin-for-a-bruisin.gif
  19. Go snorkelling: tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640 (1).jpg
  20. Visit and elephant enclosure: When I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to do I would tell them I wanted to teach elephants to paint. tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640 (2).jpg
  21. Dress up for Halloween: You already know I love Halloween! tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1bnri1f303ggs44wk04s4sw04_640.jpg
  22. Try a new food: I love food and will pretty much try anything, Its finding something  I haven’t already eaten that’s the difficult part.                     food-first-family-second.gif
  23. Visit California Disney: Are you kidding? of course there was going to be multiple Disney themed things on this post. I live and breath Disney! I have done Florida and Paris but never California. tumblr_static_tumblr_static_2n6d6lvagx6o0ggo844osko8k_640.jpg
  24. Go to Disney on ice: I can’t actually believe I have never done this! tumblr_inline_nvwq1a6Gb11tt5e1v_500.jpg
  25. Join D23: This ones for those die hard Disney fans! D23 is basically a club for people who are obsessed like me. Disney_D23_logo.svg.png
  26. Go for Brunch dressed like I’m from the 1940/1950’s: Dressed in a cute tea dress, sipping tea and did I mention i love food? efc9c7c8914717325717caec5cb7df07.jpg
  27. Cocktail making: I love alcohol about as much as I love food and have always wanted to make funky cocktails (preferably Disney themed). Princess-Jasmine-Disney-Cocktail.jpg
  28. Visit The Cavern: Liverpool here I come! The-Cavern.jpg
  29. Write a letter to one of my favourite celebrities: a32de1e303c26694a9fd4d84d0c5f701.jpg
  30. Make a YouTube Video: Okay so I don’t want to become a Youtuber and I have no idea what it will be on but I love photography and media so it seems only right that YouTube is part of my life. tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640 (3).jpg
  31. Watch the sunrise from a foreign land: I’m an early riser so this shouldn’t be too hard but i want to see the sunset from somewhere other than my bedroom window. YXCNlR.jpg
  32. Get a Tattoo: Iv always wanted one but didn’t want to rush it, after all these things are permanent!               tumblr_o7syxsTyXX1qjlszto1_500.jpg
  33. Swim in the sea: Maybe its because I’v been to Skegness beach one to many times or Jaws scares the poop out of me but I HATE THE BEACH (The sands too sandy and the sea is too wet) so swimming in the sea is more of a challenge to myself than a fun bucket list idea.                            original.jpg
  34. Get a hot rock massage: My muscles always ache, I have the back of a 90 year old woman. 37a80b11a7001bfdb8e5e9b89ccb2c9c_hot-stone-massage.jpg
  35. Try a new fruit: I know I want to try a new food but I also want to try a new fruit. 721a1196b890217b2116fe6cc967ac71.jpg
  36. Learn about the stars: astronomy is so interesting, yet I know nothing about it. Even if I just read a book on it I would like to know more. tumblr_o6f3j993LB1u9j5mto1_500.jpg
  37. Name a star: If I am learning about them I want to name one too! star-certificate.jpg
  38. Attend a Gay Pride event: I was a 100% supporter of the LGBT community and would to show it by attending an event to show my support. gay_pride_flag.0.jpg
  39. Attend a music festival: Okay this one should be easy as I’m already going to YNOT this year!            Update: I went to YNOT and it was disastrous, piss wet in a tiny tent up to my knees in mud. The event got cancelled after 2 days and I did get to see The Hunna but camping is really not for me.  
  40. Drink juice from a fresh coconut: I don’t even think I like coconut water but whatever I want to feel ever so cool in the summer sipping from a coconut. 75daab8c175d8e7ff657f007599773ed
  41. Try some new Teas: I have tried so many flavours of tea, some I loved, some I hated but i would love to try some new ones. a69ef2439cf2227e930b0edb5a9cbc9f.jpg
  42. Go to a themed restaurant: I have seen so many cool themed restaurants all over Facebook, one day I wish to go to one.   Update: I went to ‘The Mad Hatters cafe’ in Mattock and had themed cocktails, it was a beautiful day and so much fun. This is defiantly a bucket list point I will be continuing! Amy's Pictures (224)
  43. Eat bugs: I really want to try those crispy bugs you get on a stick in countries like China, probably taste like chicken.    Update: THEY DO NOT TASTE LIKE CHICKEN! for those of you wondering they taste like dirt, I washed them down with a lovely cuppa and gave everyone at work a big laugh. 
  44. Learn to say Hello in 10 different languages: f250ffdf8dd58dd23071ae8f42a73350.jpg
  45. Grow some vegetables: Pretty sure I have already said I love food. 23851-Variety-Of-Vegetables.jpg
  46. Go to the Aquarium: Pretty sure I have done this before but whatever I want to do it again okay? tumblr_njq66b3tS91s00daco1_1280.jpg
  47. Learn to Hula: Okay I would say learn to hula on a Hawaiian beach but i’m not made of money so my bedroom will do just fine. giphy.gif
  48. Swim in a waterfall: I just want to have some amazing Instagram pics so people I haven’t spoken to in 5 years can see how great my life is.  (please go back and read this in a sarcastic tone and realise I am not being serious.) girl-h2o-heaven-love-Favim.com-2128881
  49. Spa weekend: spa_candle.jpg
  50. Hot tub in the snow: I have done this once with a tiny amount of snow, I have also done when it was icy. I slipped over nipping for a wee and nearly broke a rib. Hot tub, snow and hopefully no broken bones. 1682c570-26cf-0133-719b-0a67ec7fcf67.gif
  51. Make my own candle: I love candles almost as much as I love food.94889-Candle-In-Jar.jpg
  52. Ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride: SHOCK another Disney related one, this one seems simple enough but the past 3 times I have been to Disney this ride has been closed, C L O S E D!                   Update: I rode it, I rode it 5 times! It was brilliant SPOILER ALERT! the new update is incredible and includes another bigger drop! If your are ever in Disney this ride is a must!
  53. Make some pumpkin pie: Again Halloween obsessed over here.tumblr_nuop29JyRQ1qhoe3vo1_1280.jpg
  54. Make my own Carrot cake: My all time favourite cake! p.s. I can’t bake AT ALL. tumblr_inline_no5w1uBkur1sjkxkt_1280.jpg
  55. Do something for a  good cause: Whether its travel somewhere to help people, volunteer somewhere or donate some money. tumblr_static_charity_unit_19
  56. Work in a Disney Store: img_4183__x_large.jpg
  57. work at Disney World/Disney Land: There’s a pattern emerging here…. tum111111LARGE.jpg
  58. Go on Holiday with my best friend: I am yet to do a girls holiday but if I am honest it’s not really my thing. A holiday away with my bestie (probably to Disney) is more me. 8790860_orig
  59. Buy someone a bunch of flowers:                                                    7eb3a1094f5ee1951949b6878d6fb3b4.jpg
  60. Go cliff diving: This seems so scary and I will poop myself while I do it. tumblr_ng851skDDo1ty9osko1_500.gif
  61. Ride in a hot air balloon: tumblr_m16zivzgo51qkvok3o1_500.jpg
  62. Deepen my adventurous side: so this one isn’t one specific thing and I will probably achieve alongside all my other things on the list but I really want to have some fun stories to tell the grandchildren. original.jpg
  63. Go to the zoo: I have 100% done this before but its so fun! d92c8dcea193a061e48ebf75222762c3.jpg
  64. Leave a 100% tip for a server: Make somebodys day. 360_bad_waiters_0822
  65. Extract homey from a beehive: I will scream like a little girl while doing this trust me! removing_bees.jpg
  66. Go to a fashion show: Bitch iv watched project runway I live for this stuff.Sarina-Poppy.gif
  67. Learn about essential oils: I love lavender and because of this Iv learnt what it cures and how it works – I would love to know what other essentials oils can cure! tumblr_noyg86tyFw1uwepbfo3_1280.jpg
  68. Treat myself to a designer handbag or shoes: Blair Waldorf is my spirit animalgiphy.gif
  69. Kiss in the rain: Its a bucket list must come on 01-The-Notebook-Rain-Kiss.jpg
  70. Go on a date: I have very little experience with relationships, the truth is I’m very independent. A total 80’s movie date would be fab. giphy (1).gif
  71. Go to a drive in movie: The 80s movie ideas just keep on coming.Grease-690x388.jpg
  72. Be a bridesmaid: This one is pretty much down to my friends…tumblr_nobhs1ydEk1qe6g7yo1_500.jpg
  73. Make new friends: Life is full of wonderful people, I just have to meet them!tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1wc2e5g5toyss400swck4wg8g_640.png
  74. Do something kind for a stranger:d52cdb890b8c93addc5146d75e08d5fc--karma-sayings-good-energy.jpg
  75. create a family tree and get an assessors test : Why the hell not? I could be related to the Queen. tumblr_m7f0puYdLp1r0yq0k.jpg
  76. scrapbook: I used to this all the time but then I just stopped, scrapbooking is so fun and rewarding!  tumblr_lg0hofWyIj1qzwqsq
  77. Take pictures in a photo booth:                                                                                            img-thing
  78. Send a letter thanking someone: A lot of people have influenced and helped my life I would like them to know that.     tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640.jpg
  79. Go to New York: It just looks magical      tumblr_nu1pzbWwbT1rby5yoo1_500.png
  80. Attend a film Premier: I’m a total movie buff so this had to be on here  tumblr_n5l0jckmZ71qhct03o1_500.jpg
  81. Go to a jazz bar: do you like jazz?                                                                                      af6AkX
  82. Attend a Murder Mystery dinner: If there one thing my family loves its a good murder mystery! miss Marple here we come!     20425693.gif
  83. Be an extra in a movie: Hi mom! look I’m on the telly                             b27a570561057c8795ffa61a742e9104.jpg
  84. Throw a themed party: hell yeah!  5a5a9985ba87f525f5580ccb8be96545.png
  85. Have my palm read: This one gives me the creeps but I still have to do it!                  tumblr_mzllidlC5A1t2yg6ao1_500.jpg
  86. Stomp Grapes: Grapes between your toes – yummy.                                          f0bd99bb963c562d70262b7868d1fe21--wine-photography-wine-making.jpg
  87. Go away for Christmas:                                                                                        4d4f56fa751d9a63433ebd43ca0d68e5--winter-christmas-christmas-time.jpg
  88. Treat my mum and dad: They really do deserve it, I’m a pain in the ass.                  Family-Tumblr-Photography-9.jpg
  89. Learn the alphabet in sign language: Sign language should be taught in school or at least be an option, its a shame people can’t be bothered to learn it. I have never met  deaf person but when/if I ever do I would love for them to be able to communicate with me.                                                                                                                  tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640.jpg
  90. Become more tolerant/understanding of realign: I literally do not understand the concept of God. To me its ridiculous but that doesn’t mean I’m right, I’m totally intolerant of religion particularly Christianity and I would love to educate myself.   Religion_0.jpg
  91. Plant a tree: Peace and love guys, peace and love.                                                     download.jpg
  92. Send a care package:                                                                                                     dea7dc7e59b543dfc21c3656693d573e--army-crafts-army-family.jpg
  93. Write a book: I have wanted and started this for years but never had the true motivation or life experience to do so.                                                                                         writing-notes-book-old-feather-animated-gif.gif
  94. visit a temple:                                                                                                                           cbd9cac91b9f3fea3c9464bd149286fa--delhi-india-new-delhi.jpg
  95. Get in touch with an old friend: I have lots of old friends I would happily never speak to again but I defiantly let a few slip through the net that I would love to get back no touch with.                                                                                                              old-friends.jpg
  96. Get help with at least 3 of my bucket list points: Everybody needs help to do some things.                                                                                                                          giphy.gif
  97. Go on a boat: I have done this but I never feel like Iv truly appreciated it.                tumblr_inline_motoytCM1Z1qz4rgp.jpg
  98. embrace a culture:                                                                                             tumblr_nrqwirH9kK1u9yp5ro1_400.jpg
  99. Go camping: Not camping in a campsite field with my family but real camping, next to lake, near the mountains embracing nature.                                              tumblr_mfrrgjFmCU1r3a6jho1_500.jpg
  100. fall in love with myself: The point of this whole list I think.



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