100 things to do before 26.

I have always said by 26 I want to have ‘my life together’. In recent months i have come to realise life is what you make it and since finishing sixth form I have achieved nothing. I want to get to the ripe old age of 26 and have lived, loved and laughed. A bucket list for a lifetime is no use to me as I constantly change my mind and will never do if I have no cut off point. So I present 100 things to do before I’m 26. Brace yourself this is going to be a lengthy blog post.

  1. Travel: The most cliche one first guys. I want to see the world both alone and with my bestie by my side. Paris, Italy, Spain, India, Budapest, Amsterdam are just a few of the places I want to go. travel
  2. Take Pictures on my travels: It wold be rude for my Number 1 thing to be so cliche and not act like a total tourist while I do it. travel.jpg
  3. Take a Drawing class: My evil art teacher made me fall out of love with drawing but I want to fall back in. art supplies.jpg
  4. Study at University: I still have no idea what I want to do with my life and I might never have a clue. So why wait I figure if I study something I love maybe that love can turn into a career and who says in 40 years time I can’t change my mind completely and become a rocket scientist?        books-tumblr
  5. Create my own animation: I love media and I love Disney even more, coming up with an idea and creating it would be amazing even if it was only 5 seconds long.tumblr_ml2ywyk3GG1raqwsqo1_1280.jpg
  6. Keep taking photos: You can tell from my blog I love photography and want to continue to snap pictures whenever I can. 2_small.png
  7. Learn to drive: This is no big deal for most people and people my age have usually passed but I have never wanted to drive (I was born to have a chauffeur) since there isn’t one coming any time soon I really need to do this one. b4f898504c22596eb78f0c357be2ace4.jpg
  8. Learn to play and instrument: Even if its one song I have always wanted to be able to play the piano/guitar. (I could play jingle bells on the trumpet at primary school but I don’t think that really counts). tumblr_manvr4Jch11ql9k0uo1_500.jpg
  9. Visit an art museum: You know when you see those amazing pictures on Tumblr of art museums, I want to be that person posting those pictures. tumblr_npsts62jTo1u6osmfo1_500
  10. Star Gaze: Another cliche one. tumblr_nbvrlcbr0q1tc78oko4_1280
  11. Go to a vineyard: I basically just love wine. 4866d2c5213d585d5d8143dbdbe78a43.jpg
  12. Go Pumpkin Picking: Those who know me know I love Halloween (Like more than Christmas) so this one is a must. tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640.jpg
  13. Go strawberry Picking: Basically the same a pumpkin picking but with strawberries.tumblr_n8mkgyw0RZ1r3m0bvo1_1280.jpg
  14. Donate blood: I always say I am going to donate blood but never have. BloodDonation.jpg
  15. Sign up to be an organ donor: Its something non of us want to think about but I could die tomorrow and if so my organs are of no use to me anymore but life changing to somebody else.         tumblr_n8jw8b4lN11sj2wy0o1_500.png
  16.  Live abroad for a minimum of 3 months:  I  am 100% a home girl, I love my family and my house but I would also love to see if I could live in a completely different place.                            tumblr_inline_mysbmjclHK1rt0pn8.jpg
  17. Publish something: I don’t need to be paid for it but having one of my photos or a story I wrote featured in a magazine or on a website seems pretty cool. tumblr_static_81kiply24twco4wssskgcsccs.jpg
  18. Learn the dance to ‘cruisin for a bruisin’: This one is a shout out to Gracie K who knows the whole dance.  teen-beach-movie-ross-lynch-cruisin-for-a-bruisin.gif
  19. Go snorkelling: tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640 (1).jpg
  20. Visit and elephant enclosure: When I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to do I would tell them I wanted to teach elephants to paint. tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640 (2).jpg
  21. Dress up for Halloween: You already know I love Halloween! tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1bnri1f303ggs44wk04s4sw04_640.jpg
  22. Try a new food: I love food and will pretty much try anything, Its finding something  I haven’t already eaten that’s the difficult part.                     food-first-family-second.gif
  23. Visit California Disney: Are you kidding? of course there was going to be multiple Disney themed things on this post. I live and breath Disney! I have done Florida and Paris but never California. tumblr_static_tumblr_static_2n6d6lvagx6o0ggo844osko8k_640.jpg
  24. Go to Disney on ice: I can’t actually believe I have never done this! tumblr_inline_nvwq1a6Gb11tt5e1v_500.jpg
  25. Join D23: This ones for those die hard Disney fans! D23 is basically a club for people who are obsessed like me. Disney_D23_logo.svg.png
  26. Go for Brunch dressed like I’m from the 1940/1950’s: Dressed in a cute tea dress, sipping tea and did I mention i love food? efc9c7c8914717325717caec5cb7df07.jpg
  27. Cocktail making: I love alcohol about as much as I love food and have always wanted to make funky cocktails (preferably Disney themed). Princess-Jasmine-Disney-Cocktail.jpg
  28. Visit The Cavern: Liverpool here I come! The-Cavern.jpg
  29. Write a letter to one of my favourite celebrities: a32de1e303c26694a9fd4d84d0c5f701.jpg
  30. Make a YouTube Video: Okay so I don’t want to become a Youtuber and I have no idea what it will be on but I love photography and media so it seems only right that YouTube is part of my life. tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640 (3).jpg
  31. Watch the sunrise from a foreign land: I’m an early riser so this shouldn’t be too hard but i want to see the sunset from somewhere other than my bedroom window. YXCNlR.jpg
  32. Get a Tattoo: Iv always wanted one but didn’t want to rush it, after all these things are permanent!               tumblr_o7syxsTyXX1qjlszto1_500.jpg
  33. Swim in the sea: Maybe its because I’v been to Skegness beach one to many times or Jaws scares the poop out of me but I HATE THE BEACH (The sands too sandy and the sea is too wet) so swimming in the sea is more of a challenge to myself than a fun bucket list idea.                            original.jpg
  34. Get a hot rock massage: My muscles always ache, I have the back of a 90 year old woman. 37a80b11a7001bfdb8e5e9b89ccb2c9c_hot-stone-massage.jpg
  35. Try a new fruit: I know I want to try a new food but I also want to try a new fruit. 721a1196b890217b2116fe6cc967ac71.jpg
  36. Learn about the stars: astronomy is so interesting, yet I know nothing about it. Even if I just read a book on it I would like to know more. tumblr_o6f3j993LB1u9j5mto1_500.jpg
  37. Name a star: If I am learning about them I want to name one too! star-certificate.jpg
  38. Attend a Gay Pride event: I was a 100% supporter of the LGBT community and would to show it by attending an event to show my support. gay_pride_flag.0.jpg
  39. Attend a music festival: Okay this one should be easy as I’m already going to YNOT this year! 1380303_10151953411554334_914965449_nweb.jpg
  40. Drink juice from a fresh coconut: I don’t even think I like coconut water but whatever I want to feel ever so cool in the summer sipping from a coconut. 75daab8c175d8e7ff657f007599773ed
  41. Try some new Teas: I have tried so many flavours of tea, some I loved, some I hated but i would love to try some new ones. a69ef2439cf2227e930b0edb5a9cbc9f.jpg
  42. Go to a themed restaurant: I have seen so many cool themed restaurants all over Facebook, one day I wish to go to one. beauty-and-the-beast-afternoon-tea-2.jpg
  43. Eat crickets of a stick: I really want to try those crispy bugs you get on a stick in countries like China, probably taste like chicken. 67ff9a95f0af2acfdade976c128348c2.jpg
  44. Learn to say Hello in 10 different languages: f250ffdf8dd58dd23071ae8f42a73350.jpg
  45. Grow some vegetables: Pretty sure I have already said I love food. 23851-Variety-Of-Vegetables.jpg
  46. Go to the Aquarium: Pretty sure I have done this before but whatever I want to do it again okay? tumblr_njq66b3tS91s00daco1_1280.jpg
  47. Learn to Hula: Okay I would say learn to hula on a Hawaiian beach but i’m not made of money so my bedroom will do just fine. giphy.gif
  48. Swim in a waterfall: I just want to have some amazing Instagram pics so people I haven’t spoken to in 5 years can see how great my life is.  (please go back and read this in a sarcastic tone and realise I am not being serious.) girl-h2o-heaven-love-Favim.com-2128881
  49. Spa weekend: spa_candle.jpg
  50. Hot tub in the snow: I have done this once with a tiny amount of snow, I have also done when it was icy. I slipped over nipping for a wee and nearly broke a rib. Hot tub, snow and hopefully no broken bones. 1682c570-26cf-0133-719b-0a67ec7fcf67.gif
  51. Make my own candle: I love candles almost as much as I love food.94889-Candle-In-Jar.jpg
  52. Ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride: SHOCK another Disney related one, this one seems simple enough but the past 3 times I have been to Disney this ride has been closed, C L O S E D!                    giphy (1).gif
  53. Make some pumpkin pie: Again Halloween obsessed over here.tumblr_nuop29JyRQ1qhoe3vo1_1280.jpg
  54. Make my own Carrot cake: My all time favourite cake! p.s. I can’t bake AT ALL. tumblr_inline_no5w1uBkur1sjkxkt_1280.jpg
  55. Do something for a  good cause: Whether its travel somewhere to help people, volunteer somewhere or donate some money. tumblr_static_charity_unit_19
  56. Work in a Disney Store: img_4183__x_large.jpg
  57. work at Disney World/Disney Land: There’s a pattern emerging here…. tum111111LARGE.jpg
  58. Go on Holiday with my best friend: I am yet to do a girls holiday but if I am honest it’s not really my thing. A holiday away with my bestie (probably to Disney) is more me. 8790860_orig
  59. Buy someone a bunch of flowers:                                                    7eb3a1094f5ee1951949b6878d6fb3b4.jpg
  60. Go cliff diving: This seems so scary and I will poop myself while I do it. tumblr_ng851skDDo1ty9osko1_500.gif
  61. Ride in a hot air balloon: tumblr_m16zivzgo51qkvok3o1_500.jpg
  62. Deepen my adventurous side: so this one isn’t one specific thing and I will probably achieve alongside all my other things on the list but I really want to have some fun stories to tell the grandchildren. Adventure-Quotes-Tumblr-1.jpg
  63. Go to the zoo: I have 100% done this before but its so fun! d92c8dcea193a061e48ebf75222762c3.jpg

    Number 64-100 are a mystery to me. In 3 years time I could have new goals and ambitions in my life that I don’t even know exist right now. So I will continue adding to this post for the next 7 years, as well as updating you all on my achievements from this list. If you are still with me (and I hope you are) then I challenge you to make your own bucket list, whether its 10 things or 10,000.


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